Little Tree Cabins Beautiful little resort on the shores of Lake Independence, two miles south of Big Bay, Michigan. Only a 20 Minute drive from Marquette, Michigan, and within walking distance of a couple of beautiful waterfalls. It's the perfect place for fishing, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, water sports, etc.
8180 County Rd. 550, Marquette, MI.
Phone: 906-345-9535
46.796069 -87.702456
Beautiful dock by the lake, Yard for your children to play in, and a free petting zoo Located on alder creeck bay in big bay michigan Little Tree Cabins, just 20 miles outside marquette On the shores of beautiful lake independence, just a few minutes from lake superior

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Lake Independence has long been recognized as one of Michigan’s finest fishing lakes. About 1 and 1/2 miles wide and 3 miles long (1840 acres), it is known for walleye, northern pike, jumbo perch and small-mouth bass. The Yellow Dog River which empties into the southeast end of the lake is a fine trout stream. Alder Creek flows in on the southwest side of the lake. The Iron River is its only outlet; so named when the Yellow Dog was dammed in the 1940’s. The lake is shallow (30 feet deep) with a sandy bottom and gravel beds for spawning. Resident summer wildlife include moose, bear, and white-tailed deer, river otters, beavers, bald eagles, osprey,  loons, king fishers, mallards, blue herons, and whooping cranes.

Recreational opportunities include fishing, canoeing, boating, kaying, sailing, wildlife viewing, birding, and recreational rentals (Big Bay Outfitters). Enjoy a nice float down the Iron River with your binoculars and fishing pole. Eat a delicious lunch on a sandy Lake Superior beach at the mouth of the river, swim, and then paddle home. Local outfitters will spot you and can provide lunch.

LTC is located on the “quiet end” of Lake Independence at the mouth of Alder Creek Bay. The Yellow Dog River swamp and Alder Creek wetlands abound with birds and other wildlife. Due to the fragile nature of a lake ecosystem, we encourage you to use people-powered crafts such as canoes, kayaks and bicycles when possible. Row our 12 foot boat, bring your own small motor, or rent the 16’ deep-V fishing boat from Big Bay Outfitters.


Little Tree Cabins is located two miles south of Big Bay, a small village nestled in the foothills of the ancient Huron Mountains. Hungry Hollow Cafe, Cram’s General Store, a laundromat, the Lumberjack Inn, the Thunder Bay Inn (also known as “the hotel”), two gift shops showcasing local products, a custom woodworking shop, Big Bay Outfitters and Red Town Rentals, two churches, and a public school (K-8) make up this unique community. The Big Bay Lighthouse is open to the public for limited hours weekly.

Big Bay is located at the end of a paved road, 25 miles north of Marquette. One-half million acres of state and privately owned timberlands are open for public use due west of Big Bay. The unique geological uplift in the area provides scenic views and fine hiking trails along picturesque lakes, streams, and high bluffs. Many waterfalls tumble over the granite escarpment within a several mile radius. For the adventurous mountain biker, hiker or skier, a vast network of unpaved roads and trails takes you west across wild country to Huron Bay. Ask about where you can walk amongst the “big trees!”


Marquette is 23 miles to the south of LTC, a University town of 20,000. Many recreational activities along with shopping, art galleries and fine eating places can be found there. Pick up a FREE COPY of Marquette Monthly at most retail outlets for a listing of local and area events during your stay.

Between Marquette and Little Tree Cabins, along County Road 550, the Lake Superior shoreline is surprisingly varied. Rocky coves, wide sandy beaches, sheer granite outcrops, black lava flows, and sandstone bluffs with majestic Michigan white pines perched a top are there to explore. Some of the finest public beaches on the south shore of Lake Superior await the adventurous hiker, snorkeler, skier or snowshoer. Two miles of beach frontage and the surrounding hill country are reserved for you in the Escanaba River State Forest 16 miles south of LTC. There, many miles of hiking/skiing trails are provided by the North Country Trail Association.


A. Alder Creek Falls
Alder Creek drains the granite highlands to the south and west of Lake Independence. The Falls are situated amongst an old growth forest of white pine, hemlocks and cedars. The creek shows evidence of old earthquake activity common to the region a few million years ago. This trail circles around the falls, requires 2 stream crossings and takes you back to your starting point through a rocky canyon above the creek. A walking stick is suggested for the stream crossings. Wear sturdy shoes. 1 mile from the trailhead, 2.5 miles if you start from your cabin. Total hiking time 1 to 2 hours depending on starting location. Difficulty: medium (1 steep downhill to the falls and some rock scrambling)
B. Hills Falls, Yellow Dog River (AKA Yellow Dog River Falls)
Take County Road 550 north (towards Big Bay) 3/4 mile. Turn left onto an improved dirt road. This is County Road 510. You will travel this road for approximately 6 miles, first in a westerly then in a south easterly direction. You will cross the Yellow Dog River (a good-sized bridge), park on the south side of the bridge and follow any of a number of hiking trails, which branch off, and head downstream about 1/2 + mile. Take your swimsuit and a camera. Hiking distance: 1+ mile. Total hiking time: 1 hour. Difficulty: easy
C. Pinnacle Falls (See Map Insert)
Pinnacle Falls is also on the Yellow Dog River. The Yellow Dog River flows into Lake Independence on the Southeast end, near “the stumps”.
Please note that the map to Pinnacle Falls is a cartoon (a scale of miles is not used and roads are drawn without regard for directions except for strict adherence to right and left turns) and of little use unless you keep track of mileage. The logging companies are constantly cutting in that area, roads change, trees used for markers get cut down. The BIG TREE on the map is still there!
The falls is located in a remote valley, accessed by a steep, slippery, eroded trail. Take your swimming suit. Hiking distance 1 mile. Hiking time: 1.5 hrs. Difficulty: medium to difficult.
D. Escanaba River State Forest: Little Presque Isle Tract
The Escanaba River State Forest is located south of LTC about 17 miles, between here and Marquette. Two miles of Lake Superior frontage trails wind in and out of granite rock, lava flows, and sandstone bays, with sand beaches, pebble beaches and rocky cliffs the reward of the adventurous hiker. Don’t miss crossing the narrow stretch of lake that separates the mainland from Presque Isle Island. Sandstone coves and rocky inlets abound! Take your berry bucket. Sugarloaf Mountain anchors the southern end of this public tract and the Presque Isle River the northern end. Numerous miles of inland trails wind around lakes, ponds, bogs and hill country (with views). Take your fishing pole, sunscreen, your swimsuit and spend the day. Difficulty: easy to difficult.
E. Upper Yellow Dog River: McCormack Tract
Access this part of the Yellow Dog River from the Triple A road (further along than Pinnacle Falls). Hiking with a GPS or compass is preferred. Amble along the river through old growth forest, pines, hemlocks, and cedars until reaching the Upper Falls. Some trees take the arms of two people to encircle. Quiet except for the sound of the river. Hiking distance: 1.5 miles. Hiking time: 2 hours. Difficulty: easy but challenging to find and rewarding when you do. Bug repellent important in some seasons…some will wear a headnet.

We provide access to fiber-optic internet in all our cabins. Cable TV is not available, and satalite TV is extremely hard to get becacuse there are too many trees and hills to get a satalite connection.
Cell phone reception is spotty on County Road 550. However, once here at Little Tree, there is pretty even coverage in the immediate vicinity. You should not count on your cell phone once you leave the populated areas of the lake or the town; there are too many hills in the way to guarantee good reception. Though there are many places where you can get a signal in the wilds, it is simply unpredictable.

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